BP | A Moment

Being invited back because people like what you do is always a nice feeling. So we were delighted when BP asked us to create a second film to promote their sponsorship of the the arts, two years after the previous one, But the question was…how could we make it different?

The Concept

We focused on the power of art that comes when you, as a viewer or member of the audience, connect emotionally with it.

What if we could capture a specific moment in time when this happens for each of the four institutions that BP sponsors?  A moment that can last a lifetime.

We took one aspect of each artistic institution and paired it with the emotion that it would evoke, and thought about how we could bring this to life in its purest form.

The Process

As well as a one day shoot in a studio, complemented by VFX, we had to create a lifelike 3D model of the statue of the Wounded Achilles that was the key exhibit for the British Museum’s Troy Exhibition, for our actor to be intrigued by.

The only problem was that the statue couldn’t be moved from where it was on display in Chatsworth House. So using the ingenious technique of digital photogrammetry, we captured it in all its glory in situ in less than 4 hours, and then created a high fidelity 3D model that became the authentic sculpture that was composited into the final film.



Executive Producers

Hugh Ip & Stephen Marsh


Guy Soulsby


Stephen Marsh

Motion Design

Mr Kaplin

Style Frames

Push VFX

Senior Producer

Joe Binks

Music and Sound Design

Foster & Foster Music