BP | The Arts

BP has invested in UK arts and culture for over four decades.  One Small Pixel was tasked to produce a film that would raise public awareness of BP’s commitment to the arts, and celebrate each of the institutions they sponsor.


The Concept

Our goal was to create something that was simple yet sophisticated in both design and animation.

So taking inspiration from each of the institutions that BP sponsors, we selected design elements that made each institution unique (such as textures, materials and works created by the artists and performers) and combined them in 3D, to create an architectural form for each institution.

So for Tate Britain, for instance, we took our cue from the works of Barbara Hepworth and David Hockey, and materials such as fabric and marble synonymous with the physical architecture of the gallery itself. 

Each of the four architectural representing the institutions were placed in an abstract landscape, and complemented by text that revealed details about each of the BP sponsored events or performances taking place. 

The Process

The first stage was to research the textures and materials that were iconic for each instituion, whether that was the physical architectual features of the institution itself or the individual artworks contained within.

From this research we developed some style frames that explored how those materials and textures might work in an abstract animated world.

Another important part of the film was the soundtrack, which like the visuals was inspired by each institution and event, seamlessly changing its composition and instrumentation to match the mood and tone of the visuals.



Executive Producer

Hugh Ip

Motion Design





Adam Norris


Pepijn Padberg

Agency Producer

Steven Croston

Music and Sound Design

Echoic Audio

Creative Director

Kasper Verweij