Hollis | All Together Different

We love capturing the essence of a brand in a single film, so when Frank, Bright & Abel asked us to help bring to life the bold new brand they were designing for Hollis, the real estate consultants, it was right up our street. 

The Concept

Our brief was simple.

To take the 2D creative and design and produce an animated film that captured the spirit of the new brand as well as showcasing its new design.

But, as always, the devil was in the detail, and what works in print doesn’t always translate when the images are moving.

So by using subtle flourishes of 3D, we were able to create fluid and surprising transition points between the scenes, so the film felt seamless in nature and more befitting of the brand.

The Process

Sometimes constraints can restrict the creative process, but in this case they spurred us on to be as inventive as possible.

Thanks to a clear brief from our friends at Frank Bright & Abel, including some very specific guidelines on how some brand elements could behave, and their appreciation of what animation could bring, we created a film that constantly surprised and engaged, with a warm human feel at its heart.

With the visual brand identity already formed we jumped straight into developing various motion tests to show Hollis how their new identity could move in an animated environment.

The project was one of the smoothest ones we have ever been involved with, thanks to an agency who was directive and empathetic, a client who embraced the possibilities of the new brand, and our talented Animation Director and Composer who loved making this piece.



Executive Producer

Stephen Marsh


Joe Binks


Frank, Bright & Abel

Creative Director

Hugh Ip

Animation Director

Jacques Parys


Nick Clements and Stephen Marsh

Music and Sound Design

Foster & Foster