Lonely The Brave | Rattlesnakes

When our Dutch director brother from another mother, Rogier Hendriks, asked us to collaborate on the promo for one of his favourite bands, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to explore our dark side…and we loved every minute of it.

The Concept

“Rattlesnakes” was the debut single from the UK band’s LP “Things Will Matter”. This creative collaboration with Rogier and Onesize saw us using slow motion cinematic scenes blending with shots of the band members, who remain almost constantly cloaked in shadows. The concept is based on social behaviour and prejudice being learned behaviour, rather than something that’s innate in human beings. 

Visually we wanted to show that there is an inner and outer shell to each person, seemingly dichotomous at first, but becoming more ambiguous as we move through the song. A beautiful and seemingly perfect exterior has an interior motive too…and it’s not always pretty.

The Process

The shoot took place over 2 days with a tiny crew and a stunt dog called “Anti”.  All the shots with the band were shot at The Camden Studio, and all the exterior shots were shot in Epping Forest in both the daytime and after dark. The treatment called for a lot of VFX work but where possible we chose to keep as many shots as possible in-camera, so over 50kg of talcum powder doubled for dust and paintball canisters became our forest mist.

Once everything was in the can, it was time for Rogier and Onesize to add their VFX magic to the film, using 3D to create water, trees and rocks and the all important evil rattlesnake eyes. 


Hassle Records

Director of Photography

Damian Daniel


James Warburton, Julia Abelle


Hugh Ip

1st Assistant Camera

Charles Muzard

Dog Handler

Stunt Dogs


Rogier Hendriks


Max Gregory

Post Production and VFX


Line Producers

Fenella McGuire, Dan Coulson


Julia Wade

Audio Support

White Noise Lab

Set Photographer

Daniel Ackerley


Charlotte Carey

Special Thanks

Lonely The Brave, Epping Forest, The Camden Studio