Vodafone | Future Ready

The first 5G hologram call in the UK was a big event, and we were asked by our friends at FreemanXP to create an eye-catching identity to mark the occasion.

The Concept

Partnering with our friends at Mr Kaplin, we took looked at how we could descontruct the Vodafone speech-mark logo to a create a constantly evolving 3D shape that would not only create a powerful identity for the event, but which could also be adapted to provide an engaging and holistic ‘red thread’ for  90 minutes of presenter content that looked in more detail at the potential of 5G for the UK audience.

The animation was so successful that we were asked to create a version, along with other content, for a 360 screen that became the beacon for Vodafone’s presence at MWC. It has since been rolled out at many other Vodafone 5G events.



Executive Producers

Hugh Ip & Stephen Marsh

Design and Animation

Mr Kaplin




Fenella McGuire

Music and Sound Design

Box of Toys Audio