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Imagine Possible

Ericsson’s 2030 vision of limitless connectivity is bold and full of extraordinary potential. But how could we help our friends at Jack Morton Worldwide make this vision a tangible reality in a fully immersive, futuristic walk-through experience?

Uniting the physical and digital, with a human face

When Ericsson wanted to help visitors to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to ‘Imagine Possible’ on a tour of the near future where the physical and digital worlds are seamlessly united by connectivity, we helped Jack Morton Worldwide create an AI guide for our visitors to narrate the story and lead them on a journey through six futuristic environments.

Stepping into the future

As visitors entered the experience, they were met with Ericsson’s vision of the future, consisting of a brand film about limitless connectivity.

We expanded the canvas for a full immersive experience by creating extra graphical content displayed on an array of LED “fins” that physically shifted and moved in time with the film.


We brought the astonishing possibilities of a ‘digital twin’ factory to life in an immersive electric bike manufacturing experience.

Featuring real moving robots on a production line, our animations and infographics were projected onto transparent screens to overlay their every movement, creating a fascinating AR story. 

The experience was further enhanced by portals into the rest of the factory, which we built in CG.


Life is filled with greater possibilities when the real and digital worlds come together. So, we took visitors on a real-time electric bike ride through an AR enhanced Barcelona, complete with overlaid infographics showing how the connected city can lookout for your safety on the road, suggest helpful stops and help share your experience with friends.


Adding futuristic buildings to a view of the iconic Barcelona skyline provided us with the perfect super-widescreen canvas to demonstrate the possibilities of a connected world for immersive advertising, product lifecycles, gaming and live entertainment with social presence in the Metaverse.

We composited characters and eye-grabbing animation to unite every visitor with Ericsson’s city-wide vision of a truly connected future.

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Client Ericsson Agency Jack Morton Worldwide Creative Studio One Small Pixel Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh
Art Direction Ink and Giants Project Manager Daniel Savage Live Action Producer Selena Cunningham Live Action Director Steven Hore Design and Animation Onesize Voxel Wolves Cumi Rich Hallsworth Dan Fitzgerald Daniel Zucco Music and sound design Echoic Audio

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