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Noble Oak Bourbon

Seeds Of Change

The challenge

How do you distil the raw elements of a great concept and the decades it takes an oak tree to mature, into 60 seconds worth savouring?

Taking the spirit of an idea to a well-rounded execution

Noble Oak bourbon gets its flavour from the mighty oak behind its casks, and we wanted to use the small action of planting the acorn as a metaphor for the small actions they perform in the maturation process that pay off over time in the quality of their liquor.

An action that’s also brought to life when they plant a new oak tree for every bottle they sell. We were able to help distil the creative and deliver a film that captured the essence of this magical transformation.

Growing better and better

After helping refine the script to land the story, we began to craft our CGI tree, representing the mature oak on the pack, but this time seeing it grow in reverse. We condensed decades into 60 seconds with the help of day-to-night transitions, grass receding back into the earth and reversing other elements from nature.

We also integrated the product sympathetically using visuals that paralleled the organic process, in-keeping with the nature and wood theme. A truly collaborative development process that got, just like a master distiller, the absolute best from all the ingredients.

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Agency Edrington Studio Agency Creative Director Reeve Rixon Creative Studio One Small Pixel
Executive Producer Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh Producer Joe Binks Director Gabor Ekes 3D Designer Rich Hallsworth Joe Winston Music and Sound Design Ideosound

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