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Energy Outlook

The Challenge

BP’s Energy Outlook is an annual report about the forces shaping our planet’s energy transition. So, how do you make a film that's different from all those that have come before, whilst giving the report the screen presence and vibrancy it deserves under very tight production constraints?

Building the unique around the uncertain

The finished film had to stand out from every other Energy Outlook film over the past decade and highlight the latest report’s key findings, final versions of which would only be available two days before final delivery.

A real issue when your concept is to bring the key findings to life by animating elements from the printed report within a live action scene. A complicated production challenge that would demand real flexibility.

An animated world for the real world

Seamlessly combining 3D animation with live action demanded a 3D animatic to plan the live action shoot, defining lighting and camera angles precisely around our animated elements.

To allow last-minute changes to the intricate 3D animations and report findings, we were able to build real flexibility into each one.

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Client BP Creative Studio One Small Pixel Executive Producer Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh
Live Action Director Matthew McDermott Producer Joe Binks Design and Animation Ink and Giants Scriptwriter Stephen Marsh Music and Sound Design Echoic Audio

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