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The World of One

The challenge

How do you make the complicated digital transformation of one of the world’s leading energy technology companies into a bold theatrical spectacular?

Lighting up the stage with a many-layered story

When Schlumberger, one of the world’s leading energy services companies, needed to launch its game-changing digital platform for oil and gas, the story did not lend itself to being simply expressed. Everything from a history of world-energy prices to multi-dimensional cloud-based software concepts had to feature.

So, we drew on their technology’s defining ability to bring the physical and digital worlds together, and the multi-layered nature of its software platform, to create an audio-visual performance like no other.

The show

This production took us far beyond animation and moving image. It demanded a fusion of the digital and physical on stage.

Bringing together a vast stage-sized projection wall of 3-D model cubes, an overlaid gauze screen and spectacular digital projections created the depth and space we needed to orchestrate hundreds of elements of video, motion graphics and lighting effects to present a complex product concisely, powerfully and with the ‘wow’ that the client was looking for.

The show climaxed by revealing four floating ‘wafers of light’. Four LED-lit panels that descended from above to represent the four layers of technology behind their powerful digital platform. Bringing the curtain down on the type of multi-dimensional theatrical production rarely seen for a B2B product launch.

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Client Schlumberger Agency Jack Morton Worldwide Executive Producer Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh
Scriptwriter Stephen Marsh Concept Artist Luis Carvalho Design and Animation Ink and Giants Director of Photography Damien Daniels Music and Sound Design Echoic Audio

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