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Monica's Story

Customers of the future

This is a short story set in the near future about a day in the life of Monica, showing what their customer experience might look like as BP moves towards their Net Zero ambition.


BP is fundamentally changing what it does so that it can become a Net Zero company by 2050. As part of their strategy, they held a 3 day virtual conference to tell the world how they are going to get there.

One key aspect of this was showing how the BP retail and business customer experience and might change in the future to make lives easier and better for customers.

Our brief was to create a short animated film that imagined this new world of colourful opportunity. BP were keen to not make this into a conventional explainer film but, instead, something that felt more human and personal at its heart. 

So we told the story through a first person narrative involving the two main characters Monica and Sophie, and joined them on a journey of what a typical day might look like for them in the future.


Although this human story takes place in a 2D animated world, we wanted to create as much depth as possible. Even though Monica and Sophie were fictional, animated characters, it was very important that the audience could relate to them, and be able see themselves in their world.

The character design worked hand in hand with the environment in which they inhabited, so that the style and animation felt natural, whilst creating a strong sense of place at the same time.

We also wanted to have a sense of always moving forward so the scenes were designed so that they felt continuous and integrated, as if we were moving through a comic strip, allowing us to transition and take seamless jumps in time without it feeling forced.

The final result was a colourful and optimistic story of what a Net Zero future might look like.

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Client BP Creative Studio One Small Pixel
Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh Writer/Director Steve Bookbinder Design and Animation BluBlu Music and Sound Design AMBIT

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