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Expo 2020 Dubai

The challenge

Siemens digital technology is transforming our world. But how do you transform the complexity of their stories into clarity, and your audience into participants, with an experience powerful enough to make a huge impact, that’s also mindful of its own energy use?

From intangible to incredible

As Premier Partners of the Dubai EXPO 2020, Siemens wanted not only to showcase the limitless power of their digital technology to transform our cities and industries, but also demonstrate it by using their ‘Mindsphere’ IoT platform to drive efficiency and sustainability of systems and logistics across the event site.

So, we gave the intangible data-driven nature of those stories and many others, form, presence and a compelling interactive narrative in a 30-minute, 3-chapter immersive experience called ‘The Blueprint’. A vision of a digitally transformed future, with Expo 2020 as the blueprint at its heart.

The Blueprint - Chapter 1

Visitors were initially enveloped by ‘The Cognisphere’, a visualisation of millions of data-points as brightly lit particles, swirling and mirroring their movements on a 270-degree wrap-around screen, powered by motion-sensing Unity software.

Simply standing on different hotspots then solidified the data-points into bite-sized stories of how IoT is revolutionising everything from endangered species preservation to supercar production.

Visitors were then introduced to how Siemens digital technology is poised to help transform our world through an immersive, super-widescreen film.

The Blueprint - Chapter 2

We created a euphoric forest of LED rods and narrative soundscape, reflecting the pulse of precious data flowing through Siemens’ innovative IoT platform ‘Mindsphere’.

In action at Dubai Expo 2020 to help meet exacting sustainability goals, ‘Mindsphere’ uses data and AI to connect and harmonise everything from traffic flow to waste collection for continuous improvement and maximised energy-efficiency.

All brought to life by the low-energy, high-impact nature of the LED rods we chose for the installation.

The Blueprint - Chapter 3

Visitors simply moved their hand in a motion-sensing hexagonal aperture to explore challenges across the globe on large format screens. And then uncovered the Siemens digital solutions already transforming our world with a simple gesture.

The Blueprint – Inauguration

For the opening of the Siemens visitor centre, we created an inclusive ‘moment in time’ that enabled every guest to leave their own indelible digitised contribution to a collaborative digital artwork, inspired by ‘The Cognisphere.’

Al Wasl Dome spectacular

Our audio-visual climax played out on the world’s largest 360-degree digital projection surface, the 130m tall Al Wasl Dome. Surrounding our audience with awe-inspiring immersive content inspired by ‘The Cognisphere,’ enhanced by an epic 28-channel surround-soundscape that delivered an unforgettable experience for every visitor throughout the 6-month event.

The Blueprint Highlights

Continuing the story with OOH

Our streams of data from ‘The Cognisphere’ transformed everyday objects to support Siemens’ ‘Transform the everyday’ positioning. Animated OOH played throughout the EXPO on some of the largest digital screens available. By using these screens as a single canvas we created maximum impact and engagement.

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Client Siemens Agency Jack Morton Worldwide Creative Studio One Small Pixel Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh
Writers Stephen Marsh Nick Clement Design and Animation Ink & Giants Onesize The Panics Developers Kiss The Frog Solarflare Studio Fray Studio Producers Shirin Haliwell Joe Binks Danielle Baron Sound Design BXFTYS Editor Daniel Wechsler

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