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Hybrid Working

The challenge

IWG are the leaders in flexible working space. But how do you make one film concept flexible enough to speak to their three very different audiences?

Animation as adaptable as their products

When IWG wanted to promote the different benefits of partnering with them for property investors, property owners and property tenants, it demanded a modular animation concept that could be rebuilt again and again.

We created a simple yet sophisticated urban world of elements that could represent all kinds of commercial buildings and all sorts of interior elements. Plus a suite of cubes to represent all of the services they can provide for, and on behalf of, their partners.

Advantages that build up

A modular script, alongside our modular animation elements, allowed us to build one full-length film in three acts covering all benefits to all audiences in the most efficient way possible. Plus, a stand-alone edit specifically for each audience with minimal duplication of effort or expense.

The perfect solution for the leaders in on-demand, hyper-efficient working.


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Client IWG Creative Studio One Small Pixel
Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh Scriptwriter Nick Clement Design and Direction Ink and Giants Music and Sound Design Ideosound

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