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The Heart of HSBC

The challenge

How do you give the launch of a corporate initiative the emotional impact it needs to really resonate with its audience?

Helping a bank strike the perfect note

To help HSBC launch their ‘Healthy Human’ employee wellbeing initiative, we paired voices from their past, present and future with the etched lines and patterns synonymous with banknotes to create two beautiful sweeping, abstract animations with humanity at their core.

The opening and closing films

Two acts of the same story, both appearing in a super-widescreen wraparound format, immersing our delegates in our world of swooping lines.

Our opening film was built around voices from HSBC’s illustrious past that still echo through their present success, symbolised on screen by a simple red line amongst others in white as they slowly built into the iconic etched patterns found on banknotes. Placing the importance of HSBC’s human resource centre stage.

Our closing film built on these elements, using positive voices from employees of the present and future as we followed many different coloured lines into evermore intricate etched patterns, slowly becoming banknote-inspired blossoming flowers, each representing the individual impact of the ‘Healthy Human’ initiative.

Two abstract films with a light touch and a strong narrative that expressed the heart behind what could have felt like a very corporate initiative.

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Client HSBC Agency Brunswick Group
Creative Studio One Small Pixel Executive Producer Hugh Ip Design and Animation Ink and Giants

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