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Transform Your Voice

The challenge

How do you help a serious technology company engage and have fun with visitors to Web Summit, one of the world’s most inclusive and progressive tech forums, while bringing to life their new brand promise ‘Transform the Everyday’?

Transforming visitors’ perceptions

The experience had to attract visitors to engage, collaborate and have fun in a noisy, busy trade show environment. Demanding very little, and delivering a reward big enough to make it a memorable part of their day, this was designed to also dispel their perception of Siemens as a dependable but boring hardware provider. 

So, we took something we all use every day and transformed it through technology, with our ‘Transform your voice’ concept. An installation that did exactly that. Collecting up to four visitors’ voices at a time and transforming them into digital art in real time.

Giving Siemens a 3D voice

Speaking into one of four sonic cones, we used generative software to transform visitors’ voices into fascinating moving 3D patterns on screens on each face of a central cube. With each pattern continuously reacting and evolving as they spoke, and combining with other voices to create a genuinely interactive and collaborative experience.

Connecting visitors with each other and giving Siemens a compelling voice in a progressive digital space.

Transforming 3,512 voices on the day and encouraging 3,125 unique artwork downloads via a QR code link.

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Client Siemens Agency Jack Morton Worldwide (Dubai) Creative Production Company One Small Pixel
Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh Project Manager Daniel Savage Art Direction Ink & Giants Real-time development Fray Studio Sound design Space and Sound

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