Oasis Technology Centre

Our challenge with this new permanent exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was to excite, educate and entertain all audiences about science and technology, and especially the teenage scientists of the future.

The Stories

Although the physical spaces and screens were designed by our talented partners at Sarner International, we had a completely blank canvas in terms of the content. All we had were three themes – ArtificiaI Intelligence, Biotechnology and The Future of Technology – and a desire to make it as cool and awe inspiring as possible!

So we took the most interesting aspects of all three themes and crafted stories that would help the audience understand what the technologies were, and excite them about how they might benefit humanity now and in the future.

ZONE 1 | Artificial Intelligence

Through touch tables connected to large screens on the wall, visitors could make their own personal journeys of discovery to understand what AI is, and how it will influence our future.

Three large robots on screens, that interact with the visitors and follow their movements, also brought to life some of the roles that general AI’s will play in the future in the places where humans will never be able to go, whilst playing homage to the scientific innovators in the Golden Age of Islam.

ZONE 2 | Biotechnology

We created this super widescreen film that was the heart of a beautifully crafted immersive experience, enhanced by infinity mirrors and DNA double-helixes made from LED strands.

The audience were taken on a breathtaking journey, from the dawn of life to the infinite possibilities that biotechnology offers to improve life on earth.

ZONE 3 | The Future of Technology

The Future of Technology zone featured an unusual canvas, a 4m square holographic projection Cube. This gave the visitors a captivating glimpse of what the future of technology might hold across four key areas: Nanotechnology, Energy, Medicine & Ageing, Transport & communications.

We played with scale and storytelling, imagining some of the amazing technological developments, from the minute to the planetary level.

The visitors then had the chance to have their say in what they thought the future might hold in an eye-catching and thought-provoking interactive data visualisation.


Oasis Technology Centre

Agency Creative Director

Will Case


Nick Clement, Adam Norris


Sarner International

Creative Director

Hugh Ip

Design and Animation

Mr Kaplin, Mummu, Ink & Giants

Technical and AV

LT Projects

Executive Producer

Stephen Marsh


Kiss The Frog

Design and Build

Frozen Fish Design

Senior Producers

Joe Binks, Jeremy Clarke

Music and Sound Design

Echoic Audio