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Anglo American

The Intelligent Mine

The challenge

How do you develop a suite of motion branding assets for a global mining expert,
simple enough to complement any film but with enough depth to then become an
explanatory animated world?

Motion branding and brandbook

Anglo American’s smart mining solutions are enabled by VOXEL, their digital platform
that turns millions of data-points into smarter operations. Our friends at TCEG had
already developed the digital platform’s 2D logo artwork, and wanted to see it come to
life in a motion graphics world.

By considering the concepts of gathering data,
processing to add value and creating meaningful actions, we identified an own-able
motion language that beautifully expressed the brand’s purpose.

This led to a fluid animation of the static logo and development of moving data-point-blocks. We built these elements into a motion branding toolkit of animated assets, with accompanying brand-book, to unify all communications about Anglo American’s new digital platform.

The animated world

The next challenge was to help Anglo American’s 100,000 employees appreciate the impact the digital platform could have for them personally.

By journeying deep inside the animated VOXEL logo, we revealed a branded world where our precious data blocks come together to form a digital twin, as well as other hidden resources that can be mined for otherwise invisible insights and the ability to predict outcomes.

An accessible insight into the invaluable data-driven world of Anglo American’s digital platform, explained to every employee simply, smartly and in-step with every other piece of live-action branded video content.

Research and Development

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Client Anglo American Agency The Creative Engagement Group Creative Studio One Small Pixel
Executive Producer Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh Producer Sally Trewartha Creative Director Ink and Giants Designers Rich Hallsworth Laurent De Vleeschouwer Cesar Barbosa David Whatley Storyboard Artist Anthony Z Studio

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