Stoli | Into The Light

When celebrated New York artist ENHANCE designed a new Limited Edition bottle for Stoli’s Elit vodka range, we lept at the chance to create a stunning piece to showcase this work of art. 

The Concept

Partnering with our friends at Onesize, we took three elements – shapes, light and the human touch – to create artistic interpretations of the unique Elit Limited Edition fragmented pattern.

Showing “fire” and “ice” coming together through the Elit primary colour palette of red and white, we wanted to play with light to reveal crack-like triangular shapes of ice, hinting at the shapes of the bottle which we interpreted in both abstract and literal ways.  These triangular fractures and shapes eventually come together to finally reveal the bottle.

To add an extra layer of emotion into the film, we juxtaposed human and animal imagery with our light and ice shapes.

The Process

This film was born out of R&D, a one-off experimental project that reflected the limited edition nature of the product itself.

We created miniature ice sculptures using physical 3D printing, which we then shot in-camera using various lighting and camera techniques such as time-lapse, slow motion, stop motion, etc. In CG, we then added projection mapping sequences of patterns and light to create refractions, with lights seeping through the cracks.

The aim was to create a surreal and abstract piece, interspersed with fleeting moments showing the brand, where there was no distinction between what was done in CG and live action.

Using sound design we accentuated the onscreen movements in light and shape, whilst the music was used to create the harmonic foundation to project the desired emotion. 



Design and Direction


Music and Sound Design


Executive Producers

Hugh Ip and Stephen Marsh