Energy Outlook

Each year BP publish their industry leading Energy Outlook – a research driven report into the forces shaping the global energy transition over the next 30 years.


Our challenge was to highlight the key findings of the report in a surprising and compelling film that was different from all the previous Energy Outlook films over the past decade, all within an extremely short production period.

To make the film different from previous editions, we looked at how we could use elements from the actual physical report to bring its key messages to life in a beautiful and informative way. Using the pages, graphs and text from the report as our palette, we created and animated beautiful 3D scenes that illustrated the headlines, integrated into a live action scene of someone reading the report so it felt like it was coming life before her very eyes.


The VFX approach to the film meant we needed to the prepare the shoot in precise detail. Prior to the shoot, the 3D assets were built so we could create a 3D animatic that included every element – the set, the actress and each animated scene – to enable us to determine the exact camera positions and lighting on the day. To make things even more complicated, the final facts and figures from the report were only available two days before the film was finished, so we had to build flexibility into each 3D scene to incorporate any last minute changes.



Executive Producer

Hugh Ip and Stephen Marsh


Joe Binks


Matthew McDermott


Stephen Marsh

Design and Animation

Dianne Dela Torre, Peter Dobes, Kevin O’Shea, Andy Evans

Music and Sound Design

Echoic Audio