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Oasis Technology Centre

The challenge

How do you fit the enormity of how science and technology is transforming our world, into three rooms that not only take your breath away but engage every age-group and inspire young minds to become the scientists of the future?

Painting the ultimate blank canvas

We were given three rooms fitted with state-of-the-art interactive and immersive audio-visual capabilities and three themes. But nothing else.

To craft the content that would ignite not only the interest of our audiences but also the full potential of the rooms would require storytelling on an epic scale.

Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and The Future of Technology were each brought to life with compact stories and content we specifically created to max out engagement and the power of each room.

Zone 1 – Artificial Intelligence

Through touch tables and large format screens visitors are guided by three robots each named after prominent figures from the golden age of Islam. A true journey of discovery leading to the incredible places AI will take us, far beyond where humans can physically go.

Zone 2 – Biotechnology

A super-widescreen film and soundscape transports visitors from the dawn of life to the infinite possibilities of biotechnology in an immersive experience surrounded by infinity mirrors and an endless forest of LED DNA strands.

Zone 3 – The Future of Technology

A real glimpse of where technology could take us dances across the faces of a 4m square holographic projection cube taking visitors from impossibly small nanotechnology to planet-sized possibilities. Topped off with a chance for every visitor to add their vision of the future to a fascinating data visualisation.

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Client Oasis Technology Centre Agency Sarner International Creative Studio One Small Pixel Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh
Producers Joe Binks Jeremy Clarke Design and Animation Mr Kaplin Mummu Ink and Giants Writer Nick Clement Adam Norris UX Design Claire Richy Developers Kiss The Frog Music and Sound Design Echoic Audio

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