Clarion Hotel Oslo | Water Through The Seasons

As part of a brand new boutique hotel in Oslo we were asked to create a 60 second experience that reflected the incredible natural beauty of Norway and played with the physical features of the lobby where the screen was located.

The Concept

Our idea was to use one of the natural elements that Norway has in abundance – water – and visualise it over the seasons. The extraordinary patterns that water, snow and ice contain within them or make in the landscape seemed to fit with the screen canvas that we had to work with, and would give the hotel visitor an ever-changing experience that they would never forget.

The Process

Liquid simulation in all its forms is science as well as an art. We spent a number of weeks perfecting the flow of water, ice and snow to create a mesmerising journey of water through the seasons. Taking our inspiration from photographs of each of the water states in its natural environment we used a combination of different 3D software to create the right effect. Whether that was water cascading onto the top of lift doors, or chunks of ice falling from the walls, all of which was crucially enhanced by a visceral sound design.


Clarion Hotel Oslo


Centre Screen Productions

Executive Creative Director

Hugh Ip

Design, Animation & Compositing

Joe Winston, Doug Bowden, Gabor Ekes

Music and Sound Design

Dominic Shovelton