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Clarion Hotel The Hub

Water Through The Seasons

The challenge

How do you evoke the natural magic of Norway in 60 seconds?

Beauty, in full-flow

When a state-of-the-art boutique hotel in Oslo wanted to enchant guests in their lobby using an LED wall, the content had to be timeless, location-specific, and work in a 60 second loop that not only interacted with the features of its location, but never lost its power to impress.

So, we looked to an element embedded in Norwegian culture for millennia. An element that never changes, yet constantly shifts.

Water, through the seasons.

An immersive experience, served ice-cold

To create the simple yet intricate torrent of a summer waterfall that morphs seamlessly to the delicate powder of a winter snow-scape and translucent depths of a frozen lake, before fracturing and melting back to a cascading curtain of water, we spent weeks crafting every droplet and ice crystal. 

The finished piece is a fascinatingly detailed journey through the element at the centre of Norway’s natural beauty, made more immediate by its interaction with the lift doors that form part of the wall.

Water splashes and flows around them, snow gathers on the ledge above each, and chunks of melting ice fall from them.

A visceral sound-scape completes the immersive experience, so you can almost feel the mist on your face.

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Client Clarion Hotel The Hub, Oslo Agency Centre Screen Productions Creative Studio One Small Pixel
Executive Producers Hugh Ip Stephen Marsh Art Director Joe Winston Design and Animation Doug Bowden Gabor Ekes Music and Sound Design Dominic Shovelton

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